Technical Service


KL OIL & GAS accepts service calls around the clock and responds within 24 hours.

KL OIL & GAS puts itself in the customer's shoes and provides the services required for worry-free use of our safety valves.

● For boiler epuipment we take responsibility for everything from safety valve provision to field testing.

● For each plant we keep records of safety valve specifications, manufacturing, inspections, maintenance, and parts supplied. Fukui has a backup system that responds precisely to each and every customer need.

● Keeping meticulous quality records allows KL Oil & GAS to always supply the precisely needed spare parts.Each of our service centers also stocks spare parts.


KL Oil & GAS have workshop and jiont workshop with equipment as testbench, Lapping machine, hydrolice pressure machine and tools with hight skill technican to do sercice 24hpd in 7 dpw


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