Metallic Gasket

Spiral Wound Gaskets In Full Range Of Materials

Graphonics For Heat Exchangers

Kammprofile Gaskets

RTJ Ring Joints

Metal O-Ring Gas For Extreme Service Including Nuclear Applications

Compression Packing

Carbon/Graphite Styles: 1303-FEP 1333-G, 1300, 5000, 98, G-2000

Syntepac Styles: PM1, PM2, 8922, 8921-K

PTFE Styles: PM6, PM7

Specials: EVSP Sets, DSA Sets, FlushGard

Compressed Sheet & GYLON

Compressed Sheet Styles includes

● IFG®5500 & ST-706
● HTC 9800 & 9805

GYLON® Styles

● 3500 (Fawn)
● 3504 (Blue)
● 3510 (Off-White)
● 3545 (Microcellular)
● 3535 (Joint Sealant)

Pikotek® VCS Gasket

Insulating Flange Gasket and Kits

"Very Critical Service"

Patented Design

Lamitate Design w/ Mental Core

PTFE Spring-Energized Seal


API 15,000 PSI Service

ANSI Class 2500 Service

-100oF to 350oF

0.5 Inches to 72 Inches

The Helicoflex® Seal

Lowest He Leek Rate

Highest Useful Recovery

Unlimited Jacket Selection

Available in Almost any Shape of Size

Extend Service Life

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