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Refregerated liquid heating skids
Description of the G.O.L.H.® System
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The system is made by a number of sea water pump capable of providing to one or more heat exchangers the necessary flow to heat the unloaded L.P.G from -48oC to above 0oC.

The heat exchangers, made of alloys titanium depending on the salinity and the temperature of the available see water, provide the head transfer to liquid L.P.G avoiding phase transition upto the desired temperature.
In order to optimize the energy comsumption a clod by pass is provide accross the unit; this is also done to reduce the risk of freezing of the heat exchangers during the operations.

An automatic system (PLC based) reuce the propane flow rate if see water temperature drops to avoid freezing of the tubes and to guaranee safe operations.

The water flow rate is also controlled via PLC and flow regulating valves to provide a sufficient thermal energy for the unloaded L.P.G


Control Valves

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